Sunday, 21 October 2012

MRC Selangor Branch First Aid Competition 2012

Date :  21 October 2012
Time : 8:00am to 6:00pm
Venue : SMK Abdul Jalil, Hulu Langat Hall

On the 21th of October , MRC under Selangor Branch organized a First Aid Competition . Petaling Chapter have sent two group of VADs , VAD Shah Alam and VAD Sunway , and one Youth group . The competition , divided into 3 sections , Quiz Bee , Relay Bandaging and  Classical First Aid .
VAD Shah Alam members : 
1.Mr. Abdul Halim
2.Mr.Muhammad Syabil
4.Mrs.Nor Hayati Lim
5.Ms.Fatin Ayuni
VAD Sunway members :
1.Sir.Phang Lek Cheong
2.Ms.Whitney Ta Hui Sing
3.Ms.Lai Loo Yee
4.Ms.Leow Hwey Miin
5.Sir.Khor Wei Leong
 Youth members :
1.Siti Nurmaisarah
2.Nur Fadeela
3.Siti Syarah
4.Thong Ruei Yee
5.Ashvini Sekar
  In the competition , VAD Sunway have won the 2nd place and VAD Shah Alam at the 3rd place .