Sunday, 21 October 2012

MRC Selangor Branch First Aid Competition 2012

Date :  21 October 2012
Time : 8:00am to 6:00pm
Venue : SMK Abdul Jalil, Hulu Langat Hall

On the 21th of October , MRC under Selangor Branch organized a First Aid Competition . Petaling Chapter have sent two group of VADs , VAD Shah Alam and VAD Sunway , and one Youth group . The competition , divided into 3 sections , Quiz Bee , Relay Bandaging and  Classical First Aid .
VAD Shah Alam members : 
1.Mr. Abdul Halim
2.Mr.Muhammad Syabil
4.Mrs.Nor Hayati Lim
5.Ms.Fatin Ayuni
VAD Sunway members :
1.Sir.Phang Lek Cheong
2.Ms.Whitney Ta Hui Sing
3.Ms.Lai Loo Yee
4.Ms.Leow Hwey Miin
5.Sir.Khor Wei Leong
 Youth members :
1.Siti Nurmaisarah
2.Nur Fadeela
3.Siti Syarah
4.Thong Ruei Yee
5.Ashvini Sekar
  In the competition , VAD Sunway have won the 2nd place and VAD Shah Alam at the 3rd place .

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Petaling Chapter Youth Leaders' Camp 2012

          The Youth Leaders' Camp was successfully held at Komplex Uniti, Port Dickson on 28th-30th of September. A total of 44 people consisting of 8 organising committee members, 3 helpers, 3 Territorial Army members and 30 participants were able to be part of the first of many other camps that are and will be designed specially for youths leaders.

          The purpose of this camp is to expose the youth leaders to authentic camp experiences as well as to drill them in different aspects so that they can be good leaders in the future. Besides that, the Territorial Army members served as Drill Instructors to prepare the participants for their marching exam which if passed, will earn the participants their Marching Proficiency Badge. This camp also provided the participants basic camping craft skills which will allow them to earn the Camp Craft Proficiency Badge.

          Last of all, a a big THANK YOU to the organising committee and the helpers who worked so hard to make the camp possible, the participants for being cooperative and fully participating in the activities, the Army members for their willingness to share their knowledge and serve as night sentries and to our OC Training, Pn Suzana for being the examiner for the marching exam.

Arrival briefing by the person-in-charge of camp site and security head.

Pitching up tents. A first time experience for many.

The Dinning Hall

Marching exam. Conducted by the Army.

Learning how to tie knots to build gadgets for Camp Craft.

Jungle trekking + Treasure Hunt

One of the clues to be found.

One of the obstacle stations.

The treasure map is complete!

Hmm, the 'X' is on the beach.

Digging for the 'treasure'

The treasure has been found!!

Packing up getting ready to leave.

Done by: Arma93